We give to the whole world, our priority is CULTURE including music, painting, poetry and other cultural projects. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our activities. Detailed description below.

Radio was established in Poland in March 2007 and television in 2017

Culture, along with economy and security, is starting to grow into the role of the „third pillar” in domestic and foreign policy. Radio and television POMOST, fulfilling a pioneering role in various areas of interpersonal relations, serving to integrate societies and maintain dialogue between them. In the era of globalization, the cultural politics of Radio and Television POMOST becomes a good carrier of cultural values ​​- it fosters dialogue in society, making it possible to learn about and acquire the values ​​and achievements of others, and to promote achievements on the domestic and international arena. This is particularly important nowadays, because too often our country is perceived in the world through the prism of historical and cultural stereotypes.
We also offer cultural exchange among other countries. In our radio and television station” POMOST „there are music bands, theaters, cabarets, painters, film actors and many other artists of the broader culture.
Promotion of culture should not be based solely on one-way information about the cultural heritage of the country, its artistic events, but be a multi-faceted, diverse infrastructure, enabling a synthetic insight into their achievements in various fields.

The direct goal of the POMOST radio and television cultural policy is to present the broadly understood Polish and foreign culture, respond to the needs and expectations of its recipients, stimulate their interest and facilitate access to the national cultural heritage. The intermediate goal is to objectify the image of culture in the wider and wider public, especially in places important for the Polish and foreign communities. The addressees of our activities are cultural, intellectual, opinion-forming and social environments. In this regard, Radio and TV „POMOST” offers concerts of Polish bands with various musical genres, cabarets, theaters, symphonic orchestras, singers and other related entities of similar nature. We have many entities with various intellectual trends in our radio. We also promote music bands, singers, theater and film teams from Poland and abroad, i.t.d on outstanding talents in the national arena where we have extensive contacts and opportunities for this kind of promotion. Radio and television „POMOST” connects and leads to a common goal.
Our goal is to offer cooperation with countries around the world, cultural exchange, cooperation and promotion of Polish and foreign culture in our radio, hence organizing concerts, festivals, exhibitions and other cultural promotions in exchange for all kinds of subsidies and advertisements on our radio.
We also invite you to participate in our projects, undoubtedly giving satisfaction and great advertising to companies and other entities wishing to raise the national culture to a high level, which can ensure the organization of any world-class cultural project and, consequently, effective advertising and presentation of the company in Poland and all over the world.

Our goal is to create structures and start new branches of broadcasting radios and branches of Radio and television „POMOST” in the country and in the world.

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